Eyelids are a very delicate area to treat. The redundant skin here needs to be carefully excised in order to acheive the best result. Removing just the right amount or skin is critical because taking out too much can cause a functioning problem when the eye goes to shut. If there is a lot of redundant skin, a series of surgeries can be performed to acheive the optimum result. see below of an actual patient at our medical clinic.



These pictures are a week and a half after the surgery. There is some residual swelling and redness that accompany this type of surgery. On the front view and perspective views, notice the difference in volume above the eye. Here the extra roll of skin was excised and removed.



The line created by a shadow effect on both views is minimized. The patient is given time to recover and is healing very well. We will have follow-up pictures available in the future.



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