What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that targets fat cells directly.  This procedure separates the fat from where is sits in your body and sucks it out.  When liposuction was in first use there was only one method and the patient had to be placed under general anesthesia.  Today, there are many different types of liposuction available and most can be performed on a patient using only local anesthesia. 

There has been a general move to use local anesthesia compared to general anesthesia because of many different factors.  First, the risk to the patient is minimized.  This is apparent during and after the procedure.  During the procedure, strategic amounts of anesthesia are used, not an overwhelming amount.  This method helps because it does not have an opportunity to overload any system of your body, for example, your heart and cardiovascular system.  Secondly, your recovery time is greatly reduced.  The patient does not have to spend hours waking up from general anesthesia.  Another factor is cost.  The patient does not have to have an anesthesiologist assigned to them and the patient does not have to stay in a recovery room post-procedure.  These costs are eliminated and these savings are passed down to the patient.  We incorporate this surgical method into many of our procedures here at Alpha Aesthetics because of these benefits.

What types of liposuction are available?

This question has an evolving answer.  When liposuction was first FDA approved it had limited application.  Now the techniques have grown and so has the technology.  Remembering the definition of liposuction from above, the idea of liposuction has not changed.  The procedures listed here still separate the fat and then suck the fat out of the body.  The suction portion is very similar if not the same.  The big difference with the new and evolving technology is how the different methods separate the fat before it is sucked out.

Power-Assisted Liposuction:
This methods uses a powerized cannula that moves back and forth to dislodge the fat while suction is performed.  This method is known as standard liposuction.

Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction:
This is the newest method available.  The Body-Jet machine we use here is the only water-jet assisted liposuction machine approved by the FDA.  It is also known as Aqua Lipo, Water Lipo, Liquid Lipo and Bodyjet Lipo.  Here the fat is gently separated by a water jet and sucked out of the body.  The Body-Jet is so gentle that the fat and surrounding tissue retains its integrity.  This is important because with this method the the fat that has been sucked out is in its pure form and can be re-injected into other parts of the patient’s body to smooth out wrinkles of the face or augment areas of the body like breast, butt and hands. 

Laser-Assisted Liposuction:
This method uses a low-energy laser that breaks up the fat.  It is also suppose to help the skin re-adhere and slightly tighten loose skin. It is known as Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction:
The method here uses a high frequency ultrasound wave to emulsify and break down the fat so it is easier to suction out.  This method is known as Vaser Lipo.

Radio Frequency (RF)-Assisted Liposuction:
This is a method not yet approved by the FDA.  It uses radio frequency to separate and dislodge the fat

Why is Body-Jet the superior way to remove fat? Body-Jet Liposuction is the newest state-of-the-art liposuction technology.
Tired of struggling to shed the fat? Do you want to touch up those challenging trouble spots?  Body-Jet Liposuction is the answer. 

Now you can quickly transform your body using the natural flow of water, with water-jet assisted liposuction. Just as the ocean's waves sculpt the sandy beaches; the gentle power of Body-Jet will sculpt and shape your body. 

Change the way you view liposuction and discover the gentle
way for fat reduction, sometimes known as water lipo. Body-Jet is transforming body contouring as we know it.  Experience the alternative today. Change your shape in just a matter of hours.  Schedule a consultation and begin the journey to a new you today, the natural way.

Body-Jet Liposuction sculpts your shape with minimal downtime and
Often this procedure may be performed under local anesthesia* and most patients are back to work and resume normal activity in just days. Patients are able to walk out of their body contouring procedure and usually continue on their normal schedule.

The gentle method of the Body-Jet Liposuction provides accurate results with minimal bruising. Body-Jet offers you an alternative to traditional liposuction techniques or full blown plastic surgery.
Body-Jet Liposuction is a new liposuction technique that delivers pulses of saline fluids to gently dislodge fat for removal. This novel approach eliminates the need for the brute force movement of a suction cannula (tube) which is necessary with traditional liposuction or tumescent liposuction.  Traditional liposuction also requires a lengthy pre-infiltration phase where large quantities of tumescent fluid (a saline/adrenaline/lidocaine mixture) are introduced into the body. While Body-Jet uses these same fluids, less of the medications are typically needed during the procedure. These medications are used by your doctor to reduce discomfort and to manage bleeding.
With Body-Jet, the quantity of fluid maintained at any given time within the body is greatly reduced, allowing the physician to accomplish a better anatomical assessment with an improved means for accurately removing fat during the procedure. This new approach using the Body-Jet often can yield a superior cosmetic result. Body-Jet Liposuction is frequently performed in less time than traditional liposuction and patients experience less bruising due to the gentle water spray technique often referred to by patients as water lipo or H2O lipo.

Body-Jet Lipo Differences and Advantages:

  • Water-Jet MethodFluid dislodges fat, not brute force
  • Local anesthesia Less risk
  • Efficient fluid managementLess bloating and swelling; accurate results
  • New liposuction techniqueRequires less time to perform
  • Gentle fluid sprayMinimal bruising and short recovery

Water-jet assisted liposuction is a totally new liposuction technique and the first of its kind in the United States. Using the Body-Jet device, this revolutionary alternative to traditional liposuction is gentle, fast and effective. Using the flow of water to dislodge fat, this technique is unlike any other, providing many advantages:

Using a gentle, pulsating spray of fluid, water-jet assisted liposuction dislodges fat without the brute force used in traditional lipo procedures. Fat is loosened from connective tissues by the gentle fluid spray and then simultaneously removed. This gentle method results in minimal bruising and tissue trauma, while still achieving excellent body contouring results. Patients find this minimally invasive approach to be quick, easy and a great alternative for fat reduction.

I was looking for a quick and easy procedure to lose the fat in those stubborn problem areas. I found the answer with body-jet. As promised, it was quick and I recovered almost overnight!"
---Diana, Miami, FL

"The results are amazing! I couldn't have asked for more from Body-Jet. My stomach is now sleek and smooth, just like I wanted. I couldn't believe how easy the procedure was, I was in and out in a flash."
---Jani, Las Vegas, NV

"I was so excited with the results that I called my best friend and told her about Body-Jet lipo.   I went in on a Thursday and by the weekend I was feeling great about my new thinner body.   The procedure itself was virtually painless and I only felt a weird pressure sensation, but not pain.   I've now shared my water lipo secret with all my coworkers too!"
---Maribel, New York, NY