We at Alpha Weight & Wellness Medical Clinic are happy to help keep people alive by offer great classes. Call to learn about our class level pricing and schedule your class today.


Most people today know how to jump start a car but not a life. As part of our Wellness approach, our practice offers a class for you to become certified in CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation). Our classes are taught by a qualified instructor.

This is a great class for anyone to learn and those around you: family, friends or strangers could benefit with their own life being saved.

You never know when you will need this easy to learn life saving technique. Maybe one of your parents might need it one day or your child or a co-worker or even you.

With all of the swimming pools, lakes and beaches here in Florida and all of the accidents and near drownings that happen over and over again, CPR is a no brainer.



Our classes are easy to follow, easy to learn and small enough where the student to teacher ratio is just right for you to be able to interact with the instructor so you can really learn.

Each class is structured so you learn. There is a test performed at the end and when you pass you receive a certificate.

Because CPR is a skill that must be practiced, it's wise to repeat the course at least every 2 years to maintain your skills. Doing so also allows you to learn about any new advances or discoveries in CPR techniques.



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