Facial cosmetic procedures, specifically surgical face lifts are probably one, if not the most, critical areas that have dramatic effects for the patient both physically and psychologically. If you compare your face to an advertisment, for example a billboard, you can begin to understand how important it is for communication, expression, first impressions and overall demeanor. It is the first thing that other people will see. However, unlike a billboard, your face is highly effected by gravity, evironmental conditions, genetic predispositions, personal habits (e.g. tanning, smoking, alcohol consumption, cosmetic application, mal-nutrition, etc.) or trauma/pathological/medical issues.

Since the first cosmetic procedure was applied to the face there have been many techniques that have developed. Some have encompassed the whole face whereas others have been highly selective in targeted area. The advancement in medical science has also played a key role in the development of new materials and surgical processes. Each patient is medically evaluated by our surgeon with surgical technique in mind which is selected based on the targeted area and desired outcome.

As with any cosmetic procedure on any part of the body, the acheivement of volume, proportion and symmetry are taken highly into consideration.

The following are examples of face lifts of actual patients that demonstrate different surgical techniques to acheive a more youthful look.





medically directed

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