Today, the weight loss market is a $40 billion dollar market.  Too often there are companies that pop up out of no where that are all of a sudden claiming to be experts.  They hire professional athletes and celebrities to endorse their products on tv and radio and on the internet.  Most of our patients over the years have come to us from programs like these.  Why do you think that is?  Those chain-store clinics of "fast-loss-nutra-medi-food-weight-sytems" don't answer to their patients...they answer to their board members and share holders.

Our Medical Weight loss program is among the most effective on the market today. This is why many people visit Alpha Weight & Wellness from all over the state of Florida and all over the United States. The weight loss program here at Alpha is medically directed and overseen by our medical director who is a board certified MD and general surgeon. Our weight loss treatments vary by plan and use the most effective prescription medications and vitamin combinations allowed by law. As a patient on one of our treatment plans, you will also be evaluated by strict guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Health.

Initially, what a new patient can expect from our medical weight loss plan is:

  • An extensive physical and medical history that can only be performed by our medical doctor

  • Lipid profile

  • Full body composition analysis

Based on this evaluation, our medical doctor will prescribe a weight loss plan for you. It is because of this evaluative process that our patients have great
success. When coupled with a proper diet and exercise plan along our patients experience a greater and faster level of weight reduction and overall increase in lifestyle enhancement and rejuvenation.

Although individual results vary from person to person, Alpha has achieved great success for our patients. As each body type differs, it presents a totally unique challenge for each individual. Those patients that demonstrate a will to achieve find their success accelerated when complimented with our medical weight loss and various supplementary solutions.

Don’t be fooled by competitors offering only vitamins or a “doctor” that is never there. Our doctor is always here and our plans are based on medical science and they work. At Alpha, you are our patient not just a customer.



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